Putting your stuff out there is one of greatest therapies in world. My coping skills were put to test today.I’m prevailing now but cripes urges are strong. Dad ok, life moving, and simple things accomplished.

Remembering things can be minor but make a huge impact. Praying for the minor things as well as major, we got this guys….

Blessing to All


It works if you work it, so work it, you’re worth it…

This statement has profound meaning to me today. I stumbled and fell yesterday. I reacted instead of giving things to God. I can’t change what is done but I can learn from it.

Each step is a journey in itself…stepping, praying and living…

I pray for you today, just like I pray for me…today we are strong in Christ’s love…

Blessings to All

As I am reading through Scriputes this morning one struck me as ever so profound in life now.

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2.

I have found this so true on so many occasions since my recovery journey began it’s not funny. Each day I swallow a bit more of my prideful tendencies so that I may open my eyes and ears to learn. Each day, never failing thus far I have learned something. It could be about myself, others, life, love…whatever, but the lessons are subtle sometimes, I may not even realize it right away but when I do I just have to give praise where it’s due. One step at a time. One day at a time. One prayer at a time.

Blessings to All

Just for today

Today I will celebrate new life with family and friends at my “niece’s” baby shower. But it is much more to me than a simple baby shower. I will go and be with a group of females. share stories, eat food, listen to issues and share love. I can do this as the old Tanya today. One who is not proud of the past, but not living there either. I go as new me/old me before my choices and devil’s thoughts overtook me. I go as a free woman today to celebrate life, love and womanhood…we never know what the future holds but we know we never have to go back to what was…life is forever changing, we have to be willing to pray, meditate and learn everyday. Dunno what I will learn or share today but gonna be great…

Today I got a card and sneakers from one of God’s earthly angels today. The card and kindness moved me so much I had to post.


Just Ask


Just Ask God how to handle all your problems and concerns.

Just Ask God for your blessings, He supplies all your needs.

He even listens to your wants, comforts, clothes and feeds.

Just pray for everything, never ceasing big or small

For nothing is unimportant my friend we have it all

God can make you happy, just put Christ to the task.

Stop doing things your my friend..JUST ASK.


GOD is waiting to respond.


What does it mean to be bipolar???

It’s whacked out emotion, it’s mood swings that overtake you. It’s losing yourself in the mix.

Been there…done that many times over. We try to find normalcy. We try to push through. We try to bring back the old us, someway, anyway..we try…some days it comes easy…others not so much.

We lean on destructive crutches. We push those away that mean everything. We fight the battle alone…but we are never alone.

God is always there trying to guide, ever patient waiting on us to take that step but we pull inside ourselves trying to find sanity inside our madness…this Is a process one that is long and rough. One that pulls every ounce of your strengths to get through. We are always stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Mental illness is no laughing matter. Please take the time to listen to our ramblings…hidden within are our hopes, dreams and fears. Take the time……

Blessings to All

This was written three months ago, when I read it now and post it the same truth is there. Managing mental illness is a lifelong battle but anyone is capable of changing how they react to it. Stay strong, pray and find hope anew each day.