When you are drowning in life, what do you do. What happens when you feel like every choice and every avenue you take is wrong somehow or someway?


The choices we make follow us no matter how we try to change.

Change is hard.

Life is harder for some than others. Sometimes it is their own doing, sometimes it is beyond our control. We take steps to better ourselves. We take the right road; we may step off the path sometimes but if we are letting God guide our way, we are listening and stepping out in faith. It is scary to give Him control sometimes but an inner peace comes when we do. I struggle with this daily. I am a bit of a control freak. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to try and give Him all.  I pray daily, sometimes multiple times each day. My emotions are heightened by my bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia. When pain and rapid cycles take over your life you lose some of that quality of life, but we are never really alone. I have an awesome support team by my side, I just have to do my part and reach out more often. I try very hard somedays to do that, other days not so much.  I’ve battled food addiction, alcoholism and handled both the way I thought I should’ve at the time because I wasn’t listening to God’s guidance. I have not always been a Christian. I am not always a good one or even a mediocre one. My faith is strong but I lose my way sometimes just like everyone else. I question His plan for me and my life and I question His timing more than I should. I am impatient but learning to get more very slowly. I’m taking steps to better myself and be a better person. Nobody ever said this journey would be easy. Plugging and Praying and doing my best to listen with fully open ears.


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