Reflection on Prayer

As Christians we know if we pray full-heartedly our prayers will be answered.

Perhaps your prayers are very specific or more general in nature, but we pray faithfully.

Sometimes we pray for the same thing many times a day. We try to be obedient and we wait for God to answer.

Most humans are impatient by nature, and with today’s fast paced lifestyles it’s no wonder.

Sometimes it feels like that is all we get done doing. Waiting for answers.   We get frustrated. Worry creeps in farther.

Stop and Pray. Yes God knows your needs already, but He’s never too busy to listen again.  You feel better don’t you?

Wait and watch for His time and His plan to unfold. It’s coming…wait.

We continue to plug along doing what is needed to live. We don’t realize God is answering your prayers already. We miss him working because they aren’t unfolding the way you planned. Here He is lovingly answering them to carry forth His plan for you.

Stop and Praise…take a few minutes,close your eyes and see His blessings in disguise.

You may have needed to face many trials to learn what God needed to teach you, but He always answers.

Keep your faith strong and just stop and pray.

Blessings to All


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