Paths of Life

This past month has been trying in ever sense. Mental, emotional and physical, and spiritual limits have been tested to the fullest.

In life we find many paths leading to many different destinations. Sometimes the choices we make are rash. A fly by my seat of my pants kinda thing. Others are examined, picked apart and research is done.

I’m normally in this last category and think things to death.  This last month hasn’t really been that way. Old feelings, old habits and bad choices were the result.

That doesn’t mean I’m bad. Just like it doesn’t mean you are bad.  Those bad choices do have consequences, however we can turn to our Heavenly Father just like we can turn to our earthly family and find strength and hope when the fall-out hits. And trust me it will hit with a vengeance at times.


Psalms 27:14: Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

I struggle with this daily. I know there are others who do as well. Remember to think, feel and wait. God has a plan for us all if we wait. Choose your paths wisely. Pull on your support teams. Reach out in prayer.  Make your best efforts to be obedient and honest with family, friends, yourself and the Lord. Stay on God’s intended path in life.


Blessings to all.


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